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Break the walls - Reach beyond the limits
Move up without limit – The only limit is in us


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1.    A Pioneer Group

Financière B'lao is driven by its pro-activeness, independence, and passion for challenges, far from stereotypes

  • Financière B'lao (was the first to hold a foreign investment license in Vietnam in 1988 when the country’s economy slowly began opening up. SCAVI, Financière B'lao’s wholly-owned subsidiary, started off with an initial capital investment of 20,000 USD.
  • Financière B'lao is currently a French company with the largest number of members: 15,000 are working in Vietnam. Financière B'lao is in the Top 7 of the global lingerie outsourcing industry, impacting largely on the global industry shift.
  • SCAVI was the first foreign company to invest in the Laotian lingerie industry in 2003.
  • SCAVI was the first company in its industry to start investing in Hue, in the center of Vietnam, in 2005. Nowadays, SCAVI HUE is proud to have over 6,000 members, led by a management board coming entirely from the region.
  • For almost 32 years, Financière B'lao has favored a strong focus solely on the lingerie industry.  The Group has purposely chosen not to follow today’s trend and has not spread into various short-term ventures.

2.    A socially responsible Group

Towards the members: shared responsibility is what connects all

There are no employees at Financière B'lao, but MEMBERS, from factory workers to the Management Board. Everyone contributes and is put to contribution at every level of the Group.

The members are expected to outshine themselves while pursuing their targets and share their successes ultimately with others. Each Member is the co-builder of the Group. The Group relies on a high level of commitment and voluntarism.

The Group is demanding, but willing to share: it rolled out an orderly and transparent plan to transfer part of its capital and management power to the excelling Key MembersKey Members have singled out thanks to Financière B'laos unique Mobilization Policy and receive a significant amount of free-of-charge company shares.

Towards the partners: shared responsibility is ‘‘Tri Win’’   

The Group’s motto: ‘Tri-win’ is no longer the ambition to a restrictive ‘win-win’, but the search for: ‘win (customer) – win (the Group) – win (supplier)’. This motto invites the Group’s partners to share the same kind of spirit as the internal members and always strive to obtain beneficial achievements.

Towards the community: shared responsibility is to give back to others

Through long-term actions which are connected to the training system for every function of the Group, Financière B'lao has a concrete impact in the areas in which it is implemented.

Starting at the level of nursery education to university/vocational training, academic education goes hand in hand with the Group’s permanent in-house training.

About the Group’s in-house training, it supports the members’ constant learning and updating of their knowledge as regards the Group’s organizational system and corporate values, which translate into the unique Mobilization Policy. This professional training also includes English Connection Education (ECE).

The Group is an exclusive training environment, with a recognized impact on the ecosystem.

Towards the environment: Shared Responsibility is to act practically

Through SCAVI, the Group has initiated several improvements:

  • Recycling maximization
  • Cleanness and green plantation as regards professional and residential areas
  • Regular Environmental Audit at material suppliers
  • Awareness with Oekotex requisites for all material suppliers

            3.  A Group that always reaches out beyond

Being a pioneer and responsible combines in this ultimate core value: "Break the walls, reach beyond the limits"

  •   “Break down the walls within yourself - reach out beyond and transcend yourself

Rely on your will, inner courage, and tenacity to reach out beyond, in a constant effort to structure your thinking, train your memory and commit fully to appropriate actions.

Strive to have a freer, more independent mindset by being creative, curious, and critical. Avoid conformity and being stuck in the sterile status quo; instead, put yourself at risk.

  •  “Break down the walls with others”

More than being simply open to others, approach differences with a genuine interest for your benefit and theirs, grow richer and richer with what you discover and share.

Consider the community as your own home- and care for everybody.

Keep the fire by being exemplary every day.